About the band

Krzikopa (eng. pron.: Kshee-copa) performs old folk songs from Silesia, the most industrial part of Poland. using their own progressive elektro-folk style. As well as traditional polish singing and acoustic instruments like accordion or violin, they're a DJ's console and a customised drum set. This makes the old songs sound modern and danceable, just like they did a hundred years ago, making Krzikopa's music a unique mix of time and space dimensional journey.

Style and region

Silesia is located on Poland's border with The Czech Republic, Slovakia, and earlier, with Germany. The cultural influences mixed throughout the ages, creating a very unique culture of the region and "unique mix" describes Krzikopas music perfectly. The band's sound is a blend of traditional instruments (accordion, violin and traditional singing) enriched by an electronic sound system and a customised drum set. Apart from silesian folk the inspiration comes from world music (such as rythms from the Balkans, Scandinavia or even Cuba), contemporary music styles (like heavy-metal or various electronic music), and some of our favourite „classical” composers (like Bach, Beethoven or Strawinsky).


Krzikopa is bringing back traditional, silesian folk songs to the status they initially had: so that people can dance to them. The style of dancing since then has significantly changed, but the energy is there and we revive it in a modern style. The idea is widely appreciated by the fans, who, when jumping to old silesian evergreens, make our mission fulfilled and is the best kind of support.

The good

Katarzyna Dudziak

vocals, polish ring-drum

Sings with a technique called White (or Open) Voice. An expert on whistling, shouting and stumping. Additionally mastered philosophy, draws comics but is also into spimpler entertainment forms (a fan of GTA videogame series). You can checked her published drawings at kasiadzudiak.pl.

Karo Przewłoka

vocals, violin, percusionalities

A big fan of traditional singing and dancing. One of the main characters on the silesian folk scene. Appart from singing and playing folk song, her extraordinary skill is preparing a delicious hummus!

Bits of history

First recoridings of Krzikopa come from 2009, but the band didn't perform until 2012, and almost instantly was widely appreciated in polish „garage bands contests”. It was 2015 when the core members of the band joined. 2016 saw the release of the first E.P. („Backwoods”). In 2018 the band was representing Poland during culture events at the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics (South Korea), was the official representative of his region at Czech Music Crossroads (Ostrawa) and released it’s first album entitled „Krzikopa”.

The evil

Adam Romański


The guy with great passion for music and folk in particular. As violinist - pure devil, on stage - pure energy, besides - a producer in AlternatiV Studio



Drummer, composer, arranger and music producer. He likes it ;)

Dominik Kalamarz


Appart from sound synthesis with a piano keyboard he posseses the dark knowledge of nano-engineering.

Mateusz Dyszkiewicz

accordion (bayan)

The founding father and main author of Krzikopa's music. Besides the accordion keyboard he handles well one of a computer, coding Java language. In his spare time likes to sail or immerse in the dance cultures of the world.

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